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Senior Leadership Roles in the Middle East
The Consulting Group Holdings Ltd.: founded in 2000, with the objective of helping Clients build shareholders' value, develop their business beyond existing operations, and exploit their current success in areas not yet charted by them.

This is achieved by helping Clients management in the areas of:
Development of growth strategy (ies)
Identification of new ventures
Engaging in mergers and acquisitions
Private equity valuation
Restructuring of businesses
Assembly of leadership teams
Providing active transformation teams (interim managers)
Negotiation and facilitation of deals & contracts.

Other than its overall knowledge base in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in general, CGH has developed a clear advantage in helping its Clients expand into "difficult" but very promising markets like Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq and Iran.

CGH team consists of ex-executives of multinational companies who have a thorough understanding of the professional standards required by multinational companies, and of the difficulties of entering "tough" markets in MENA, namely: Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq & Iran.

Over the years, CGH has built and nurtured strong and effective relationships in these countries and is very well positioned to deliver on difficult tasks. CGH is able to assist its Clients in the following tasks:
Market assessment/Opportunity identification
Project evaluation and feasibility studies
Obtaining government approvals/licenses for new projects
Selection of potential partner(s) (including government entities)
Deals & Contracts negotiation and facilitation
Negotiation of Joint Venture Agreements, Management Agreements, Shareholders Agreements etc...
Negotiation of project financing.

After reviewing the services that CGH provides, in case the client is desirous of further discussions, we would be please to receive a brief description of the client's needs in order to meet to discuss how to best serve those needs.
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